Journal of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

International Journal of Human Movement Science

ISSN : 1976-4391 (print)

ISSN : 2586-078X (online)

Vol.14 No.2

Current Issue
The Impact of Sports Development for Social Employability

Rouxu Li , Sangyoo Kim

14(2) 1-15, 2020


Exploring the Issue of Having a Female Coach for a Male Team: The Perspective of U.S. High School Male Athletic Directors

J. C. Kim , Patricia Seitz , Li-shiue Gau , Kyoung Tae Kim , Eunkyun Park

14(2) 17-35, 2020


The Influence of Brutal Violence and its Impact on Fan Motivation in Mixed Martial Arts

Jerry Hewitt , Minkil Kim , Kwangho Park , Inhae Park

14(2) 37-52, 2020


Personal and Collective Processes of Spectator Emotion: Effects on Happiness and Behavioral Intention

Hyun-woo Lee , Woong Kwon

14(2) 53-72, 2020


Mega Sport Event and Korea Sport Culture

Bae Jae Yoon , Jo Sung Won

14(2) 73-86, 2020


Masculine or Metrosexual? The Critical Perspectives on the Media Display of Male Athletes

Kayoung Kim

14(2) 87-107, 2020


Structural Relationship between Brand Personality of Winter Olympics and Host Nation, Image Fit, and Loyalty

Daehwan Kim , Hany Kim , Yihan Huang , Jin Jae Kim

14(2) 109-122, 2020


Branding a Nation with Sport: The Importance of Collaborative Strategies

Jeeyoon Kim

14(2) 123-135, 2020


Effects of Celebrity Athlete Authenticity on Brand Authenticity and Sports Consumer Behaviors

Myungwoo Lee

14(2) 137-148, 2020


The Endogenous Logic and Predictive Model of Converging Development between Sports Industry and Elderly Care Service Industry in China

Youn Seonghyun , Han Song

14(2) 149-164, 2020


The Role of Agency in the Creation of Oppositional Dance Work: A Critical Reflection on Rosemary Butcher’s Vanishing Point

Eun Hi Kim

14(2) 165-182, 2020


The Effects of Exercise Interventions and Caloric Restrictions on Plasma Adiponectin

Bong-seok Oh

14(2) 183-195, 2020